Terms and conditions

1. These Terms and Conditions (T&C) can be changed at any time by the organizers. In case of radical changes or dispute shall prevail the T&C version valid at time of the ticket purchase.

2. The organizer or promoter of the event is the GadStudio/MilanoE20 with headquarters in Milan, Via del Fusaro, 9.

3. When purchasing your ticket, you must declare your personal data. The exchange of these data it is not equipped with special safety. The data and information of credit cards are safe and transmitted with a special link to our specialized partner. By purchasing an electronic ticket, the customer data will be recorded by the payment operator. This data is exchanged through a special link in which safety and reliability are in their administration.

4. The organizer keeps track of email addresses of customers during the correspondence, the reception of the forms at the time of registration, research partners as well as the purchase of the ticket and used for sending newsletters. The data is processed carefully and is not accessible for public. Every customer has the option to unsubscribe from the newsletter or to limit the content.

5. The deposit must be received by May 30, 2013.
- Weekend 100 Euro
- Week 150 Euro
- The total balance must be received by July 15, 2013.

The deposit is non-refundable. Reservations not paid within the due dates will be considered null and subject to penalty equal to the amount of the deposit. Cancellations received after the balance, will incur a cancellation fee of the total amount of the vacation.

On orders for tickets through online payment there is an additional tax of 3%. All expenses related to bank transfers should always be borne by the buyer.

6. When a ticket is purchased, it is nominally electronically accredited. The equivalent value (bracelet or printed matter) can be taken at the desk of the event using an identity document (to avoid losing the lessons, you should anticipate the arrival). The organizer reserves the right to request any differences in the balance of the package before the consignation of the ticket.

7. With a share of 25 euro, the reservation can be transferred to another person at all times indicating the name of the successor. Any free or discounted credits can not be transferred.

8. Tickets can not be returned. In case of illness, a medical certificate, or force majeure, the organizer applies a withdrawal from case to case. In a possible withdrawal with reimbursement in any case will be refunded 75% if the return is required 60 days before and 50% if over. The organizers reserve the right to make changes in the cast of artists. This does not entitle the customer to a refund of the ticket.

9. The instructions about safety of our staff are to be followed strictly. Otherwise our organization reserves the right to expel the participants involved in the event, with no refund.

10. Shows: It is absolutely forbidden to film and photograph without authorization during the shows. Stages: Stages can only be filmed at the end of the lesson, always and only with the approval of the instructor.

11. The customer agrees that the organizer, its customers / suppliers and representatives of the media should film and photograph during the event. With his/her presence at the event, the customer accepts that the parties named above can use all the videographic material and photos (original or modified) without any request and/or refund. The organization has the absolute right to use all the material. The use is primarily for media publications, publications on the website of the organization, for advertising or for the official DVD of the festival.

12. Insurance is in the domain of the participants.

13. Each participant is aware of and responsible for his health and he/she states that his/her health conditions are suitable for the frequency of the activities that the organizer provides, so with the purchase of and payment for any package discovers the organization from any controversy.

14. The customer accepts as the sole place of jurisdiction our headquarters in Milan

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